Missions Monday, The iPod Evangelist

Prayer Wall

Christian community is invaluable and there is nothing like praying for others and knowing that they are praying for you.  That’s why the Prayer Wall has made it onto my list of favorite iPod apps.

Designed to facilitate a sense of global connectivity, Prayer Wall gives users the opportunity to share their needs with other believers throughout the world.  Open the app and you’ll find a wall filled with post-it-note requests.  Click to uncover the details and for the opportunity to commit to praying for each one.  Leave a message to show your support, then keep in touch as situations unfold.

Want to be a special support?  Look for the starred requests.  These have yet to receive a prayer commitment and you can bet that your willingness to pray will make a difference!

Want to share a request of your own?  Click the “+” symbol at the bottom of the page and you’ll be given the opportunity to do just that.  Check back as other Christians commit to pray for you and don’t forget to keep them informed about how God is answering their prayers!

The FREE version has a lot to offer, but if you want more, you can always pay the $1.99 upgrade fee.  The upgrade includes the ability to search the wall for specific requests (a feature that I find particularly useful, since it allows me to seek out others who are facing similar struggles) as well as the opportunity to further connect through an assigned user name.

If you’ve got the social bug and are ready to get on your knees, Prayer Wall is definitely the app for you!


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