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Institute for Creation Research

The book of Genesis forms the foundation for the Christian faith declaring unequivocally that, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”.  God saw that all that He created was “good” and it is into this good creation that God placed man “created in His own image” with all of the faculties of a rational, thinking being.  Scripture also tells us that this good creation did not last for long.  In disobedience, man sinned, bringing death into the world.  It is here, that death (both physically and spiritually) becomes the enemy over which we can triumph only through the blood of Christ.  If this story falls, so does our faith, for it is upon this story that man’s need for atonement is based.

It should come as no surprise then, that one of the most frequently posited questions today is whether science really does support the Biblical account.  While many would argue that it doesn’t, the scientists at the Institute for Creation Research have found more than a few reasons to believe that it does and are actively sharing that evidence through their website.  Here, you can explore the evidence of nature and science, find out more about the Impact that current scientific theories upon the Christian faith, and keep abreast of current research projects through the technical papers which explain their findings.  Stay up to date through Daily Science Updates, subscribe to the free publication “Acts and Facts”, or download free episodes of the ICR radio program.  Then, learn to more effectively share the evidence both for God’s existence and His role as Creator through resources designed especially for students, pastors, leaders, teachers, and fellow scientists.  And don’t forget to visit the store, either:  whatever your interest, you’re sure to find something to meet your needs!