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Not For Sale

Imagine going to the same restaurant for years, then opening up the paper one day to discover that the friendly service you were receiving from the owners “family” was actually being provided by slaves.  What would you feel?  Shock?  Guilt?  Concern?

This is exactly what happened to David Batstone in 2007.  “This was happening in my country at a restaurant I frequented.”  The news story hit so close to home, that David was compelled to do something about it.  After researching the issue of human trafficking, he helped to co-found Not For Sale, a non-denominational non-profit designed to help “re-abolish” slavery in our time.

Visit their website to hear David share his story and learn the facts about slavery for yourself.  Read real life stories about trafficking in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America or visit the Slavery Map to hear about cases near you.  Take a look at Legal Efforts to End Sex Trafficking and then learn about the role of International Diplomacy in putting an end to the slave trade.

Finally, visit the Take Action page to develop a customized plan for you, your church, or your community.  Organize a Freedom Sunday.  Discover the story behind the clothes you wear and the chocolate you eat and learn how you can promote ethical sourcing!   Sign up to participate in the Global Forum where you’ll hear from abolitionists worldwide.  Or join the Student Abolitionist Movement or the Underground Church Network where you’ll be encouraged to live out your faith in practical ways that make a genuine difference in the lives of trafficking victims.  And don’t forget to check back for up-to-date news on the progress of global abolition!  Each one of us has the opportunity to make a difference.  The question is: will you accept the challenge?

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Worldview Ministries

Sean McDowell (son of Josh McDowell) is a High School teacher with a passion for teens and apologetics.  A gifted writer and speaker, he recognizes that our worldview not only defines who we are, but also dictates who we will become.  His Worldview Ministries website is dedicated to helping young people both develop and defend their worldview and is just the place for teens seeking to equip themselves to answer questions about their faith and lifestyle.

Start out by reading how Sean came to question the Christian faith in which he was raised.  While the article is geared primarily towards parents, his words also reassure teens and young adults who are starting to ask the tough questions about what they believe and why.  Then check out the articles link where Sean answers questions on a range of topics from apologetics, theology, and religion to science, ethics, and youth culture“Is it okay to have doubts” about our faith?  “Is Christianity a copycat religion” composed of various elements of other world faiths?  “Aren’t all religions basically the same?”  Sean carefully addresses a wide variety of issues from the current debate on abortion and same-sex marriage to questions about pornography and smoking pot.  There’s plenty to read, so set aside some time to really explore the site!

Sean also provides a number of resources for student leaders and youth ministers.  Take a moment to visit the curriculum page where you’ll find fully prepared lessons on apologetics and youth culture complete with video clips, power point presentations, and worksheets!  Click on the media link to hear Sean address some of today’s most pressing issues or view Sean’s blog where you can read his latest thoughts or download a podcast so you can listen on the go!

Whatever resources you use, you’re sure to be blessed with a more complete understanding of the Christian life and message!  And remember: your worldview matters.  It will determine who you become.

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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Formed in 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is focused on providing young believers with an opportunity to develop their God-given athletic skill in an environment which encourages Christian growth and interaction.  Today, on nearly 8,000 campuses across the nation, FCA is offering High School and College students and opportunity to join together and make a difference both on and off the playing field… and you can be a part!

The website is extensive, so here are a few of my favorite links.  I recommend that you start by signing The Competitor’s Creed, then sign up for the Daily Impact Play devotional where you can explore Scripture from an athlete’s point of view!  You can even check out the FCA Magazine where you’ll find everything from news to inspiring stories about Christians in sports.

Want more?  Check out FCA’s sport-specific fellowship sites.  Pages for baseball, cheerleading, cyclists and triathletes, golf, hockey, lacrosse, motocross, skateboarding, soccer, softball, wrestling, surfing, and a variety of other outdoor sports offer more great ways to participate in a community of Christian athletes!

Looking for something to do in the “off season”?  Take a moment to check out one of FCA’s sports camps – a great place to improve your skills while enjoying Christian coaching and fellowship!  Or get your whole team involved through a team camp!

Not sure if there’s an FCA group meeting on or near your campus?  Enter your zip-code and find a fellowship near you!  There’s plenty to see, so take some time to explore the site.  You’re sure to be blessed as you improve your athletic skills, gain a deeper knowledge of Scripture, and become rooted in the Body of Christ!

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Cru High School

As teenagers, we question almost everything.  Perhaps this is why over 80% of all professions of faith occur before the age of 18 – when we are the most open to exploring possibilities beyond those of our personal preference or initial upbringing.  This is a time during which many of us establish a moral code and worldview that may be called our own… and when who we will be becomes solidified.

It is with this in mind that Campus Crusade for Christ established Cru High School (formerly known as “Student Venture”).  Their programs are making a difference on campuses across the nation and you can play a part!

Explore the issues surrounding our connectedness (or lack of connection) with God and others at Get Connected – a safe place to ask your questions about why the world is the way it is.  Then, Get Equipped to take on the issues you uncover with a variety of hand-picked study resources.  Finally, Go Global as you make a physical difference in the lives of other teens like yourself through mission trips or through joining or starting a Cru ministry on your own campus!

High School doesn’t last for long… so make a commitment and make a difference!