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This site is viewed by people from many different faith traditions.  While we welcome those whose views oppose our own, A. C. Gheen Ministries is, at its heart, an evangelistic team devoted to helping those who hold to the fundamental tenants of Christianity learn to better represent their faith in the workplace.

We take care to ensure that our presentation of opposing views is both accurate and polite and that all parties involved in any dialogue are treated with respect.  Because of this, we have found it necessary to screen comments before posting them to the site.  If you would like to join in the conversation, please observe the following rules:

1. All comments must directly pertain to the topic being discussed.  If a post addresses the subject of morality, comments on the veracity of Scripture or the existence of God will be rejected regardless of whether they reflect the team’s views on the subject.

2. All comments must show respect for those who hold opposing viewpoints. (This does not mean that you need to accept every point of view represented, merely that you must be polite in your address.) We do not approve posts which attack an individual’s level of intelligence. Suggesting that everyone who believes a certain way is just stupid or ignorant is a sure way to keep your comment off the site. Many highly intelligent people have disagreed throughout the ages and will continue to do so.

3. If you wish to present ideas that oppose either our own views or the views of other commenters, please clearly explain why you oppose those views, then support your argument. We do not post comments that simply shift the attack from, “This person is stupid” to “This idea is stupid”. Please take the time to defend your perspective!

If you would like us to address a given topic, please feel free to contact us at ACGheen @ hotmail dot com.

12 thoughts on “Comment Guidelines

  1. Butch Dias says:

    I love your site.You are covering some great material. I sent you a piece I wrote call “the Tract”. Did you ever get it.

    • Thanks, Butch! Yes, I did receive your tract and would be interested in seeing the new one as well. I’ve really appreciated all of your post comments, so keep them coming! In Him, A.C.

  2. Peggy Day says:

    Very good. My belief is that the Bible is easy to understand if you apply yourself to read it and pray for wisdom. Many people study only selectively and I always remember the lady who said, “I don’t care what what the Bible says, I believe” such-and-such regarding baptism. We will all answer for the beliefs we ascribe to the Bible carelessly . . . as I mentioned in the blog, we aren’t free to create God in our image after our desires!

  3. Butch Dias says:

    Hi Anna,
    I grew up in a church where the priests said they were the only ones that could interpret the Bible because it was a mystery. I went to a christian church and the pastor challenged us to read it 5 minutes a day. I read exactly 5 minutes and then it went to 6,7,8, 10, and then 1-6 hours a day. I realized that the priests lied and it was a easy to read God’s word, I read the Bible in 4.5 months and my life changed drastically.
    Great article,

    • I can’t help feeding the fire. At the age of 27, my mother picked up a Bible with the intention of reading it straight through. To this day, she doesn’t know when it happened, but somewhere between Genesis and Revelation she came to faith.

      I believe that there is nothing on earth as powerful as God’s Word, yet today, there are still 2,000 actively spoken languages in which not a single verse of Scripture is available. Over 2,000,000 people have never had the opportunity to see or hear those Words for themselves. It begs the question: what will we do to change that?

      • Butch Dias says:

        HI Anna,

        That was an awesome story. I was 32 when I first opened up the Bible. It is the greatest book ever written. I have read over 7different translations from cover to cover. It has been life changing. You are right. There is nothing as powerful as God’s word. It is living and active and it will change your life. I never imagined it. I was a partying “rock and roller” that would not even go to church, But God. He is amazing.I believe that this is the time that people need to come out of the church and go to the streets and make a difference one person at a time.

        I was with my 10 year old son last week going to pick up some Cuban food. It was in a bad area. He saw a homeless lady walking barefoot. He had many questions and I gave him answers how we could help her. When we got home, he immediately started making up care packages for her. We put in a Bible and some tracts, knife, fork spoon, napkins fresh bottled water and food that she could open up and eat. He also emptied his piggy bank and collected money for his vision.
        We found the lady living under a bridge near the highway. We brought her the 2 big boxes of food. It was awesome. God thought this lady was special. He put this on the heart of a little 10 year old kid. I was so proud to be his dad. If he can do this as a kid, what can we do as adults.
        Its time to GO out to the world and make a difference in our sphere of influence.

      • Stories like that really fan the fire! I will be praying for your son that God will continue to stir such passion within him!

  4. Always interesting to see the diversity in Salvation itself. John 3, a religious man, of prominence, in the dark: John 4, a samaritan dog woman, having to draw water herself (no servants), and it was high noon. I had a strong addiction that took over my life when baseball was no longer a part of my life (28 yrs old) and you were saved at six. I’m so glad you haven’t been where I’ve been, there’s a certain amount of innocence there. On the other hand; I understand the fury of Gods love that would reach into hell itself to save one. I like what Jesus said to Nic, “we speak that we do know, and testify to what we have seen”, just speaking of our own individual experience, in salvation and the things that accompany it. good stuff ac

    • I love the diversity of ways that God uses to touch each of His children! It really speaks to His love for us as individuals that He reaches out in the way that resounds best with each of our personalities!

  5. keturah1 says:

    I like your site, and I agree with you in Spirit. Your ministry is so needed. Thank you for being a worker in the harvest field. I am hoping to use my love for prophecy and my blog to be a labor of love to lead others to Christ.

    Let me know how I can approach family members about salvation. Sometimes the hardest ones to witness to are those closest to you…Thanks!
    Feel free to answer back at my blog. I have my email listed there also.

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