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Pray: Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project | Unreached language groups

While you may not be able to trek to the far reaches of the Phillipine jungles or send money to support a missionary in Brazil, there is still plenty you can do to help bring the Gospel to people around the world – beginning with prayer.

According to James 5:16, “The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much”  (NASB),  so this week, we’re featuring Wycliffe’s “Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project”.  At present, 7,000 languages are spoken in the world, but only 400 possess an adequate translation of God’s Word.  Wycliffe’s vision is to see that changed and is committing people and resources towards the goal of ensuring that by 2025, a translation project is in progress for every language in need.  It’s a big task and it can’t be accomplished without the prayer of people like you!

At Pray: Bibleless Peoples Prayer Project | Unreached language groups, you can commit to playing a part by adopting a people/language group for which to pray.  You will be kept up to date on the progress which is being made towards the translation goal and provided with detailed prayer requests both for the native speakers and for the missionaries who are working with them.  So what are you waiting for?  Sign up and get involved today!

Get Involved, Missions Monday, Prayer


When you think of the word “missionary”, you probably see images of dedicated, hard-working pastors and evangelists who spend their time bringing the Gospel to people who have never heard the message of God’s love.  What you probably don’t see, however, are the many people without whom such endeavors would be impossible.  That’s why, this week, we’re featuring the work of JAARS, the part of the Wycliffe family of partners that is responsible for ensuring that the missionaries and Bible translators in the field receive the equipment and support necessary to get the job done.

Formed in 1948 with the express purpose of providing aviation support for Wycliffe missionaries, today JAARS provides a wide range of support services including (but not limited to) IT technology, education, vehicle and facility maintenance, creation of recruitment and evangelism materials, and more!

Visit the JAARS website and you’ll find some great ways to be involved.  Commit to pray daily for missions support workers, volunteer to serve as an advocate by helping to cultivate a passion for missions in others, or help finance a special project providing Audio Scripture Players for native speakers who have yet to learn to read or a ferry boat to help missionaries travel more safely to and from their destinations.  There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, so take a look and make a difference!