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Mission Aviation Fellowship

Have you ever wondered what happens when a missionary has a need for food, supplies, or medical aid while serving in a remote, difficult to access area?  For many years the answer was “wait”.  Wait for those who had received the message to load the needed provisions and make the long, hard trek necessary to make the delivery.  It was a wait that could take days, weeks, or even months.  Today, however, such support is often only hours away, thanks to dedicated jungle pilots like those serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship .  Since 1945, MAF has been providing aerial support to mission organizations throughout the world.   Thanks to their skilled pilots, missionaries are able to reach hard to access locations with supplies, medical aid, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  And you can play a part!

Visit their site where you can check out the Video Gallery, sign up to receive their regular publications, or find the resources to host an MAF Sunday at your church.  Make a one year commitment to serve as an Advocate for MAF, sharing the needs and victories of these courageous jungle pilots with your community or become a Volunteer and use the skills you already have to help forward their mission right here in the U.S.!  Want to be more involved?  Check out the MAF Missionary List and select a missionary or missionary family to support through your prayers and finances!  Take some time to explore the site, then commit to making a difference today!