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Open Doors

What would life be like without the power of God’s Word?  Ask any of the Christians worldwide who don’t have access to Scripture and they’ll tell you: it’s difficult.  Through the Bible we learn what God wants from us and for us.  We discover how to become more like Christ and find comfort and peace in our trials.  Yet due to persecution, many believers do not have access to the very Word which tells them about the God they serve.

Open Doors was founded in 1955 by a young man from Holland who had joined the army in search of a life of adventure.  After sustaining serious injuries in Indonesia, Brother Andrew, turned his life over to Christ and quickly discovered that God had some special plans for him – plans that would require him to risk his own life to provide relief to his suffering brothers and sisters around the world.  Today, that mission continues, but not without the help of free Christians like us.

Take a moment to visit their website where you can take the Five Minute Challenge, committing to learn about and pray for the 50 countries which are least open to the Gospel.  Follow the blog and discover What You Can Do If You Can’t Financially Support Persecuted Christians or read about What Answered Prayer Looks Like for Persecuted Christians.  Sign up to share the cause by joining the Open Doors Blog Network.

Want something more interactive?  How about spearheading a “Locked-Up” event for your youth group, raising awareness of the issues which face the persecuted church through a simulated prison scenario or volunteering as a Bridgebuilder and working as an advocate within your community?  If you have the inclination, you can even send a Bible to one (or more) of your persecuted brethren.

There are plenty of ways to be involved, so take some time to explore.  Then, commit to making a difference!