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God Tools

Anyone who has been reading this blog for long knows that I’m a big fan of Gospel tracts, but face it, sometimes you just don’t have enough pocket space to carry your favorite selection with you.  That’s why, in this week’s installment of the iPod Evangelist, we’re featuring Cru’s FREE God Tools App!

Designed to be used without an internet connection, God Tools provides users with four classic, interactive Gospel tracts.  Click on “The Four Spiritual Laws” or “Satisfied” and you’ll be provided with an excellent set of general use evangelism tools.  Looking for something more targeted?  Why not try “Knowing God Personally” (college students) or “Connecting with God” (teens)?  You’ll be delighted as the Salvation message unfolds step-by-step complete with Scripture references, a guide for leading others in the sinner’s prayer, and advice for growing in the Lord.  Each tract offers multiple languages and formats to choose from, so take the time to play around and find which one best fits your style and personality!

Looking for an easy way to answer hard questions?  Check out “Everystudent.com” where you’ll find well-reasoned explanations for everything from the case for God’s existence to why a person should consider Christianity above all the other religious options.  Or, visit the Q & A Forum for Biblical advice on practical life issues.

The God Tools app is full of helpful features, so be sure to download your copy today!

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Cru High School

As teenagers, we question almost everything.  Perhaps this is why over 80% of all professions of faith occur before the age of 18 – when we are the most open to exploring possibilities beyond those of our personal preference or initial upbringing.  This is a time during which many of us establish a moral code and worldview that may be called our own… and when who we will be becomes solidified.

It is with this in mind that Campus Crusade for Christ established Cru High School (formerly known as “Student Venture”).  Their programs are making a difference on campuses across the nation and you can play a part!

Explore the issues surrounding our connectedness (or lack of connection) with God and others at Get Connected – a safe place to ask your questions about why the world is the way it is.  Then, Get Equipped to take on the issues you uncover with a variety of hand-picked study resources.  Finally, Go Global as you make a physical difference in the lives of other teens like yourself through mission trips or through joining or starting a Cru ministry on your own campus!

High School doesn’t last for long… so make a commitment and make a difference!

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Campus Crusade for Christ

College can be one of the most difficult times of your life, but if you keep your focus on Christ, it can also be one of the most rewarding!  That’s why in 1951, Campus Crusade for Christ began laboring to reach college students with the Gospel message and train them to become fruit-bearing disciples.  Through tracts like “The Four Spiritual Laws” and “The Spirit Filled Life”, they are reaching out to students around the world with the message that God loves them and wants them to join His family.

Online resources help college believers better engage with God through prayer and devotion, dig deeper through the discipline of Bible study, and put their faith in action by mentoring new believers while on-campus ministries provide the one-on-one training, encouragement, and fellowship necessary to live a fully fruitful Christian life.  (Click here to find a campus ministry near you.)

Want to get more involved?  Why not put your faith in action through one of Campus Crusade’s mission trips or volunteer to serve on-campus?

College is more than just academics – it’s a blessing and an opportunity from God.  Commit to using that opportunity to His glory.