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Bread for the World

Nearly 16,000 children die from hunger or hunger-related conditions every day… and the problem isn’t isolated to developing countries.  With 49 million Americans struggling to put food on the table, one in five children living in the U.S. are now at risk.  A non-partisan organization, Bread for the World is striving to change this through a network of churches and individuals willing to serve as advocates for Americans living in poverty.  And you can play a part!

Visit their website where you can learn the facts about hunger in the U.S. and around the world. Take a moment to become familiar with the Federal budget process the ways in which the U.S. budget currently addresses issues of hunger and poverty.  Follow that process as it unfolds through tools like the legislative update and interactive timeline.  Then make your voice heard by contacting your senators and representatives or joining one of Bread for the World’s Mini-Campaigns.

Legislation makes a difference, but even more effective are the acts of individuals.  Become a member and commit to give of your time and resources to make a difference in your own community.  Check out resources for engaging your church, organizing your community or campus, and interacting with local media.  From organizing a Bread for the World Sunday to a tutorial on writing a letter to the editor of your local paper, you’ll find plenty to get you started!

So stand up.  Be a voice.  And make the difference in the life of someone suffering the effects of hunger.