About A. C.

About A. C. Gheen

A. C. is a candidate for ordination with the PC(USA). She holds an A.A. in Business Marketing and Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship from Eastern Idaho Technical College and a B.S. in Business Marketing Management from Western Governors University. She is currently studying towards a dual M. Divinity and an M.A. in Christian Education and Formation at Princeton Theological Seminary.

She has held a number of positions within the workforce ranging from retail sales clerk to head buyer. She has served as a Staff Assistant to a U.S. Senator (holding elected office, herself, for two terms) and is a ten year veteran of youth ministry. She served as Educational Assistant for Share the Son Ministries and is presently a member of Wycliffe Associates.* Her experiences have provided her with unique insights to the Biblical practices which, when applied, help Christians find success in the workforce.

A. C. currently works as a Project Update Writer for The Seed Company* and is an associate member of the Evangelical Press Association.  Her freelance work has appeared in On MissionDiscipleship Journal, The Upper RoomGroupThe Journal of Student MinistriesDevozine, and Breakaway. 

When not writing, A. C. enjoys a variety of outdoor activities and artistic pursuits including painting and stone carving. She also enjoys designing and constructing Protestant/Anglican prayer beads which are available for sale at Cleric Crafts.

Speaking Engagements

A. C. recognizes that while most of us know what God’s Word says, applying it to the situations we encounter in the workforce can be challenging. Her lectures cover a wide range of topics which will help Christians get the edge they need to land and keep a job in today’s highly competitive market.  Discussion topics include work ethic, peer pressure, team work, workplace gossip, prejudice in the workplace, communicating with a difficult boss, forming trusting relationships with other employees, submission to authority, and more.

Contact A. C. Gheen

To contact A. C. with a writing assignment, for a book/curriculum review or for a speaking engagement, please send an e-mail to ACGheen at hotmail dot com.

* The views expressed on this blog do not necessarily reflect the views of Wycliffe or its partner organizations.

4 Responses to “About A. C.”

  1. Butch Dias March 31, 2012 at 07:00 #

    Awesome website. Evangelism is my passion. Evangelism is my heart.
    You are doing an excellent job.

  2. Ron Condon April 15, 2012 at 22:43 #

    What is your opinion on the Way Of The Master(Ray Comfort/Kairk Cameron) , model for sharing the Law and the Bad News, before Sharing the Good News?

    • acgheen April 16, 2012 at 09:16 #

      While I’m not familiar with the “Way of the Master” (at least not by that name), I can answer your question regarding whether the Law and the Bad News ought to be shared before the Good News. The answer is: sometimes.

      I have met more than a few people who have been sufficiently convicted by their own consciences to be well aware of their need without my emphasizing it to them. In such cases, I have no difficulty beginning a dialogue with the Good News.

      On the other hand, people don’t usually look for solutions until they are aware of their need. The teaching of the religious majority where I live is that men are born basically good and are fully capable of living in complete obedience to the Law. The result is that a discussion of the Law’s purpose, what it would mean to truly keep the Law, and why none of us can is a prerequisite for sharing the Biblical Gospel.

      Because evangelism usually works best within a relational context, I encourage people to make that personal connection before they begin sharing (this can be done in just a matter of minutes), then allow the Holy Spirit to lead them where they need to go in order to best reach the individual. Sometimes, this is through sharing the Bad News first, sometimes it isn’t. We must be open to follow either way.


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