Embracing the Adventure

3 Oct

To those who are familiar with my writing, this blog may seem a little weird. Face it. It is.

Along with my passion for Christ, I’ve developed a keen interest in the world He created… an interest which has led me to some unusual (and not so unusual) hobbies and past times. From fishkeeping to the cultivation of native pollinators, bicycling to fencing, and cooking to kite flying, I approach nearly everything I do with unbridled passion. (Something which my mother kindly tolerated as I filled her house with aquariums, boxes of fungi, tanks of pond creatures, and containers of cultured juice drinks!) I want to understand how things work and why. I want to immerse myself in the world around me. I want to experiment, explore, and embrace the adventure!

And that’s what “Embracing the Adventure” is about. Through my new blog, I’ll be documenting my own experiments and discoveries and (hopefully) encouraging my readers to engage in some exploration of their own. From my early adventures in manufacturing my own dairy products, to training for my first Century (a hundred mile bicycle ride), to cultivating culinary mushrooms, I’ll share what worked and what didn’t… and what I wished I’d done differently. It’ll be an odd mix, but life often is.

Because most adventures are better when shared with friends, I’ll look forward to your involvement as well. Take the time to try some of the hobbies and experiments you find on this page, then come back and tell me (and the rest of the community) how they worked. What did you discover? Is there a better way to approach the task? Or if you’ve already tried it, do you have some advice to share? Your input will make a difference.

So what are we waiting for? It’s time to get up, get moving, and embrace the adventure!


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