Book Reviews

Under the Overpass

Are you really the Christian you say you are?  It’s a question that echoed over and over in Mike Yankoski’s brain as he sat in a pew that Sunday morning, pondering the difference between his comfortable life as a Christian college student and the uncomfortable existence faced by many of America’s homeless.  While he wasn’t “in the grip of rampant sin”, it was clear that what he said he believed wasn’t always mirrored through his actions… especially when those actions were likely to land him in unpleasant circumstances.  His attitude was one of hypocrisy at its finest and that wasn’t what he wanted his faith to be.

After prayerful consideration (and consultation with friends and family), Mike elected to put his faith to the test.  Hitchhiking from Denver to SanDiego, he and his friend, Sam, would experience homelessness first-hand – living on the streets or in shelters and getting by on the good (and not so good) graces of others.  They would spend sleepless nights in the cold and the rain without adequate clothing or shelter, experience genuine hunger, and share the love of Christ in the most unexpected places and with the most unexpected people.

Mike shares freely about the entire experience in his book, Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America, an eye-opening, first-person account of homeless life.  Throughout its pages, you’ll be exposed to a wide variety of factors which lead people to life on the streets and get a clearer picture of how our words and actions can help (or hurt) those whom Christ has called us to love.  You’ll also get some practical ideas for ways that you can make a difference in the lives of the homeless in your community!

At 224 pages, this book is a quick and engaging read as well as an excellent resource for youth and adults who desire to deepen their understanding of the impact their faith can have upon the lives of those in need.  Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of Americawas published in 2005 by Multnomah Publishers and is available for $12.98 in paperback.


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