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Norman Geisler’s “Systematic Theology”

“What should I read next?”  The question was pitched to me by a young friend whose interest in apologetics had recently blossomed into a passion which seemed to consume most of his out of school hours.  It was clear that he already had a solid understanding of the basics (he’d read the Bible through several times while still in High School), so I felt compelled to give him something a bit meatier: Norman Geisler’s Systematic Theology.

What do I like about these books?  Quite simply that they were written for people who ask hard questions.  Unlike many other systematic theologies, Geisler takes the time to present multiple views on each of the topics addressed and carefully analyzes both the strengths and weaknesses of commonly held Christian beliefs.  Using both the Bible and a good dose of logic, his goal appears to be to help readers learn to think for themselves rather than to simply regurgitate a few answers they learned in a Bible class.  This earns him five stars, in my book.

I’m also a huge fan of his detail-intensive style.  Breaking down each concept into its minutest parts, he turns complex principles into easy to understand concepts – making deep theology accessible to anyone willing to invest a little time in a good read.  Whether discussing the nature of sin or the reliability of the Bible, these volumes are sure to be a resource that you’ll return to again and again!

All four volumes of Norman Geisler’s Systematic Theology(published by Bethany House Publishers) may be purchased individually (around $35 each) or as a set for $189.99.  It’s a bit of a hefty up-front investment, but one which you certainly won’t regret!