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Finding Calcutta

I admit compassion is not one of my strengths.  It isn’t that I don’t want to care for others so much as that I often find myself so busy that I don’t notice the needs which surround me.  It’s for this reason, that I was deeply attracted to Mary Popplin’s book, Finding Calcutta: What Mother Teresa Taught Me About Meaningful Work and Service.”  Popplin had the unique opportunity to serve with Mother’s missionaries in India and walked away with a unique and abiding understanding of what it means to truly be God’s hands and feet… an understanding which she freely shares with her readers.

Through illustrative stories and accompanying devotions (these are located in the back of the book and I am afraid I was already a quarter of the way through the volume before I discovered them), Popplin’s account of the work helps to open readers’ eyes to the living, breathing souls which surround them and the many ways in which each of us can make a difference.  From the importance of doing little and doing it well to the value of prayer and self-sacrifice, you’ll find that each short reading is packed with inspiration to follow Christ more closely and more carefully.  Read the book from cover-to-cover or take it in daily bites (most readings take no more than 10 minutes).  You’re sure to come away with a better understanding of what it really means to serve others as Christ served us!

“Finding Calcutta” was published by IVP Books and is available in softcover for $10.84 or for Kindle at $9.99.