Devotions, Workforce


Read: 2 Timothy 3:16-4:8

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness.”

2 Timothy 3:16 NASB


 We were in the process of remodeling the clothing department to give it a more “Western” feel.  All of our merchandise had been moved and reorganized and large wooden ramps and walkways had been installed.  A rustic boardwalk led down our jean aisle, drawing attention to the racks of cowboy hats nearby and faux driftwood signs identified each product.

I had volunteered my services during the remodel and had been assigned the task of helping to reset the boot department.  One of the clothing employees had already devoted hours to the project and every box had been neatly aligned with the edge of the shelving, large boxes at the bottom of the racks and small boxes at the very top.  Her greatest innovation, however, had been the carpet runners which now covered the length of the shelves, holding the display product in place.

In the rush to get the product off the floor and onto the shelves, the department manager had simply slapped merchandise back onto the shelves: ruining the professional look of the display.  Fortunately, by a stroke of luck, we discovered that she had not applied enough adhesive to the carpet runner.  The covering, weighed down by the boots, began to slide towards the edge of the shelving, eventually landing in a heap on the floor… and giving us the perfect excuse for reworking the display.

We immediately set about applying adhesive spray, one of us holding up the carpet runner while the other coated the backside with enough of the sticky aerosol to prevent an elephant from breaking free.  We realigned the runner on the shelving and Presto!

Pleased with the result, I turned to head back to my department.  As the light hit my glasses, I realized that we had applied almost as much adhesive to ourselves as we had to the display.  Dashing to the bathroom, I began soaping down my lenses.  To my great distress, the permanent adhesive did appear to be permanent.

I quickly ran to the break room, nearly mowing down one of our managers on my way.  We had a short discussion about what had happened and he told me to go coat my lenses in WD-40 and then wash them again.  I, of course, thought he was joking, but to my great surprise (and pleasure) discovered that it actually worked and the adhesive came right off!

The Apostle Paul tells us that God’s Word is very much like a spiritual version of WD-40: it’s multi-purpose and good for much more than we originally anticipate.  The same words that convict us of sin can also guide and heal us.  How nice to know that God has not only foreseen our needs, but also provided for them well in advance with His own multi-purpose product!

Challenge:  This week, read a single Bible verse each day.  Then, spend the rest of your devotional time prayerfully considering (and writing down) all of the lessons that can be learned from each verse.  You may be surprised at what you discover!