Missions Monday

Life Without Limbs

Imagine spending your life without arms or legs.  Who would feed you?  Dress you?  Drive you to work or school?  Fill out the answers when you took a test?  How would you hug someone?  Help someone?  Make a difference?

For most of us, life without limbs would be a nightmare… but for Nick Vujicic, it’s an opportunity.  Born without arms or legs, Nick has learned the hard way what it means to depend upon others… and to trust   in God.  While it would be a lie to say that he’s never struggled with his condition, he’s pretty open about the fact that God has use it both in his life and in the lives of others to make a difference which might not have been possible had he been born just like everyone else.

Since the age of 19, this Australian evangelist has dedicated his life to letting others know that worth and value aren’t derived from being just like everyone else, but from who we are in Christ.  And that God has a plan for each of us, even if it isn’t immediately evident.

Just how impactful is this message?  Visit the Life Without Limbs website to find out!  Take a moment to learn more about Nick and his struggle with a limbless existence then hear Nick talk about the God who made such a difference in his life and share about how that same God can make a difference in yours!

Nick’s primary ministry is public speaking, so take the time to view some of his many video messages.  Listen as he addresses important issues ranging from bullying to the question of where we find our validation as human beings or explore his two minute daily podcast: Life Without Limbs.  Then, partner with Nick as he shares the message of God’s purpose and plan for humanity with others throughout the world.

There’s plenty to see and hear, so take your time.  You’re sure to come away feeling both encouraged and motivated to be the person God created you to be… even if that person doesn’t look just like everyone else!