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Bible Translation – An Overview of the Need

In 1917, a young man by the name of Cameron Townsend accepted a job selling Spanish Bibles in Guatemala. At first, the task
appeared easy, however it quickly became apparent that 60-70% of his “market” didn’t speak Spanish at all! And from that point forward, an often evident, but unspoken question haunted his work, “If your God loves all people, in all lands and desires them to know Him: why doesn’t He speak our language?” Finally, Cam could take it no more and, resigning his position, committed
himself to learning the Cakchiquel language and translating the Scriptures into the native tongue. From this event, Wycliffe was born.

Today, an estimated 7,000 languages are spoken throughout the world, but of these, only 400 have an adequate Bible translation available to them (Old and New Testament). Perhaps more shockingly, nearly 99% of all funding given towards Scripture distribution is directed towards these 400 tongues, leaving a mere 1% to be divided among the rest! It is Wycliffe’s goal to see this 1% used as effectively as possible.

With God’s guidance, Wycliffe has committed people and resources towards the goal of ensuring that a translation project is in progress for every language in need by 2025. At present, Wycliffe has 1,300 new translations in progress with more waiting in the wings. On average, it takes a team of two translators a total of 12 years to complete a project.

In order to effectively accomplish “Vision 2025″ more than just translators are necessary. For every laborer in the field, there are dozens of staffers behind the scenes providing transport, supplies, IT support, maintenance, and communications services. I have accepted a position as one of these staffers.  As a Writer/Editor for JAARS, a Wycliffe partner organization, I will assist our field workers by communicating their trials and triumphs to those whose support makes their work possible. But just like our field teams, I can’t do the job on my own.

Wycliffe has given me a May 1st deadline for developing the required financial partnership – and I would like to ask you to play a part. If you’re reading this, you already know the impact that can be made by the written word.  Please prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to play a part in supporting this ministry.  If He is, you can express your intentions at :


2 thoughts on “Bible Translation – An Overview of the Need

  1. There are many people lacking in morals. I have different sources for the formation of my morals and philosophy of life. However, Bible translations could open-up a path to morality for many who have not considered the concept. If the Bible can serve to create a more moral society I see it as the first step in a universal objective.

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