Devotions, Garden/Horticulture


Read: Proverbs 16:1-25

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Proverbs 3:5 NASB

Those who live in eastern states may find the following a little difficult to believe, but to those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest, hobos pose a distinct difficulty.  I don’t mean men with packs on their backs who reside by railroad tracks looking for handouts, but the largest and fastest venomous spiders most of us in this area have ever seen.

From August through October, these spiders (sometimes an inch or more long) become incredibly aggressive.  They hide under couches and in closets and, despite what others will tell you, will pursue a target for some distance before giving up the chase. (I should know, since I have personally been chased over and around all sorts of furniture by these Ferrari’s of nature!)

You don’t usually feel it when one of these carnivorous beasts takes a bite out of you (though you find a nice chunk of missing flesh later on) and instead find yourself plagued by some rather severe, but inexplicable pain followed by… well, let’s not gross out my readers too much… we’ll stick with “open sores.”  (Been there, done that.)

Because of the immediate danger posed by these arachnids, a lot of attention is paid to their elimination.  Home owners spray the foundations of their houses with pesticides and they place sticky, hormone-laden traps anywhere an incursion is likely to take place.

When these precautions fail, the best solution I have found is to stand on a staircase three steps above them and throw an endless succession of shoes until the unwanted house guests have been bludgeoned to death.  (I’ve tried drowning them before, but the critters can be amazing swimmers.)

You can imagine my surprise when, upon reading our nursery’s paper on the subject, I encountered the suggestion that homeowners simply vacuum up the little nuisances.  For some reason, the idea of chasing a giant poisonous spider across the floor with a vacuum just doesn’t seem very reasonable… until you try it.  It turns out that the arachnids aren’t fond of machinery and, even at top speed, are incapable of outrunning a sufficiently irritated human.

In the same manner, some of the commands which God has issued don’t seem to make reasonable sense… until we try them.  They seem out of place in our world.  The advice seems to fit only poorly with the atmosphere in our school or workplace.  But in the end, they work.  How wonderful to serve a God who understands the details!

Challenge:  This week, take time to read a few verses from Proverbs each day… then put them into action.  You may be surprised at their effectiveness!