Reasonable Faith

21 Jan

Is faith in God reasonable?  If God’s exists, what type of being is he?  What moral responsibilities do human beings have?  Is there an afterlife?  Such questions shouldn’t go unanswered.  That’s why Dr. William Lane Craig started Reasonable Faith.  A former atheist and a trained philosopher, Dr. Craig understands the importance of responding to skeptic’s questions with clarity and depth… and is dedicated to training Christians to provide both.

On the site, you can explore a wide range of popular articles on topics ranging from the Existence and Nature of God to Science and Theology.   Discover how Christianity relates to other faiths or start learning the fine art of Apologetics – defending the faith with accuracy and precision.  Want something deeper?  Why not hone your philosophical skills with a few of Dr. Craig’s peer reviewed scholarly articles.

Got some time to spare?  Watch as Dr. Craig debates philosophers, scientists, and theologians from around the world. Then, download the Reasonable Faith Podcast or take your training a step further with the Defenders Class.

Got something to say?  Share your thoughts and get answers to your questions on one of the site’s many forums or find a Reasonable faith chapter near you.  You’re sure to have some great conversations with other Christians passionate about giving an answer for their faith!

There’s a lot to see and hear, so plan to spend some time exploring the site.  You’re sure to come away both more confident and more competent!


One Response to “Reasonable Faith”

  1. patgarcia January 21, 2013 at 04:17 #

    Dr. Craig is a lot like C.S. Lewis, only Lewis did not have the internet. He used his pen and wrote out his arguments for faith beautifully.
    All the best for 2013.

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