Get Involved, Missions Monday

Habitat for Humanity

Nearly 1.6 billion people worldwide will go “home” today to substandard housing: buildings without the capacity to provide adequate shelter from the wind, rain, and cold.  Another 100 million will not go home at all.  Habitat for Humanity is working to change that.  An ecumenical (non-denominational), non-profit, their goal is to ensure that families both in the U.S. and around the world have the security of knowing that home is a place of safety and comfort.  And they need your help!

Visit their site to learn more about the link between poverty and affordable housing and listen to the real life stories of homeowners and volunteers.  Then discover how you can take action both at home and around the globe.  Raise awareness of housing poverty through social media, by organizing a World Habitat Day, participating in the International Day of Prayer and Action for Human Habitat, or finding out about how your church can partner with Habitat in your local community!

Want to be more involved?  Why not find a Habitat project near you or check out one of the many volunteer positions available worldwide?  Programs for youth (ages 5-25) and women make it possible to build skills while building homes and the Disaster Corps offers the opportunity to provide real relief to victims of natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy.  Whether you make a donation or a long-term commitment through the International Volunteer Program, you’ll be changing lives and making a difference!


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