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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Formed in 1954, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is focused on providing young believers with an opportunity to develop their God-given athletic skill in an environment which encourages Christian growth and interaction.  Today, on nearly 8,000 campuses across the nation, FCA is offering High School and College students and opportunity to join together and make a difference both on and off the playing field… and you can be a part!

The website is extensive, so here are a few of my favorite links.  I recommend that you start by signing The Competitor’s Creed, then sign up for the Daily Impact Play devotional where you can explore Scripture from an athlete’s point of view!  You can even check out the FCA Magazine where you’ll find everything from news to inspiring stories about Christians in sports.

Want more?  Check out FCA’s sport-specific fellowship sites.  Pages for baseball, cheerleading, cyclists and triathletes, golf, hockey, lacrosse, motocross, skateboarding, soccer, softball, wrestling, surfing, and a variety of other outdoor sports offer more great ways to participate in a community of Christian athletes!

Looking for something to do in the “off season”?  Take a moment to check out one of FCA’s sports camps – a great place to improve your skills while enjoying Christian coaching and fellowship!  Or get your whole team involved through a team camp!

Not sure if there’s an FCA group meeting on or near your campus?  Enter your zip-code and find a fellowship near you!  There’s plenty to see, so take some time to explore the site.  You’re sure to be blessed as you improve your athletic skills, gain a deeper knowledge of Scripture, and become rooted in the Body of Christ!


2 thoughts on “Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    • There are quite a few organizations available for athletes who are interested in committing to fair competition that don’t have a Christian emphasis – though I admit that I’m not personally familiar with any (at least that I can think of off the top of my head). I highlighted FCA primarily because I’ve known a number of athletes who have been associated with the organization and speak highly of it. If you’re interested in something without the spiritual emphasis, you might try a Google search or talk with some of the athletic associations in your area. (Though FCA doesn’t reject members on the basis of faith-affiliation.)

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