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This is Worthless

(The following excerpt is taken from “Retail Ready: 90 Devotions for Teens in the Workforce”, available for purchase on Kindle for $7.99 or in print from Amazon for $9.99.)

Read: Philippians 2:5-13

“And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” – Romans 12:2

It was clear that not everyone who was standing around my table was actually listening to what I had to say. Some of them had the nerve to admit that they’d just listened to my pitch, but weren’t paying attention. Would I please tell them what the advantages of the club were… just one more time?
Others, however, weren’t so courageous. One lady, in particular, had heard my explanation of our member card and its benefits at least three times before signing up, but even then, she didn’t seem to understand the card’s purpose. When she went to check out and was told that the Garden Club Card was not a general discount on everything in the store, she was enraged! She returned to my table, threw the card at me, and in a raised voice proclaimed, “This is worthless!”
Of course, the card really wasn’t worthless, it just didn’t do exactly what she wanted it to. Sadly, many people come to Christ with similar misconceptions: under the impression that a relationship with Christ is going to change their world from thorns to roses. When it doesn’t, they get angry and give up!
The truth of the matter is that we live in a sinful world. If we’re not suffering the effects of our own mis-deeds, we’re suffering the effects of someone else’s. So long as we live on this planet or in this universe, things will go wrong. People will die, jobs will be lost, bills won’t be met, cars will be wrecked, major medical needs will be had, and natural disasters will occur. Knowing Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior won’t change that.
This doesn’t, however, mean that a relationship with Christ isn’t worth anything! While knowing Jesus won’t magically change your world into a place of constant harmony and happiness, it does change the way you look at the world in which you live. And this leads to joy and peace. Those who accept Christ as their Savior no longer need to feel that everything is falling apart simply because things don’t go the way they thought they should. Instead, we can navigate life’s storms in peace with the knowledge that everything that comes our way is filtered through God’s fingers first. Each challenge or difficulty we encounter has been allowed for the purpose of refining us and making us more like our Lord. God has promised us that in the end, everything in our lives will work out for good. And this is a comforting thought!

Challenge: Is your trust in God or in what you hope that He will do for you? There is a big difference between the two!


8 thoughts on “This is Worthless

  1. In these days of uncertainty, even the true child of God gets in a tizzy. We are like the disciples in the storm and cried out to Jesus who was sleeping in the storm- “Save us for we are perishing”! Tell me, How can we perish when jesus is in the house, boat, church,and our life? One hymn states”Prone to wander,Lord I feel it, Prone to leave the God I love”. Today let us /me walk in the Spirit NOT looking at the storms of life around us- He stills storms- no matter the size of them hallelujah!

  2. Hi,
    When I read your blog posting, I think about Romans 8:28, all things work together for the good of those that love the LORD and are called according to his purposes. That is one of my favourite verses and especially when I go through difficult times that I don’t understand.

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