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Cru High School

As teenagers, we question almost everything.  Perhaps this is why over 80% of all professions of faith occur before the age of 18 – when we are the most open to exploring possibilities beyond those of our personal preference or initial upbringing.  This is a time during which many of us establish a moral code and worldview that may be called our own… and when who we will be becomes solidified.

It is with this in mind that Campus Crusade for Christ established Cru High School (formerly known as “Student Venture”).  Their programs are making a difference on campuses across the nation and you can play a part!

Explore the issues surrounding our connectedness (or lack of connection) with God and others at Get Connected – a safe place to ask your questions about why the world is the way it is.  Then, Get Equipped to take on the issues you uncover with a variety of hand-picked study resources.  Finally, Go Global as you make a physical difference in the lives of other teens like yourself through mission trips or through joining or starting a Cru ministry on your own campus!

High School doesn’t last for long… so make a commitment and make a difference!