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Please See I.D.

(The following excerpt is taken from “Retail Ready: 90 Devotions for Teens in the Workforce”, available for purchase on Kindle for $7.99 or in print from Amazon for $9.99.)

Read: 1 John 4:1-21

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” – John 13:35

Having spent a fair portion of my retail career in the check stands, I was used to seeing the words “Please See I.D.” scrawled (sometime almost illegibly) across the back of credit cards. Each time, I would compliantly request that the customer provide some verification of their right to use the card and usually met with little resistance.

On occasion, however, I would encounter someone who didn’t understand that once the card had been marked in said manner, we were legally bound to see not merely I.D., but legal I.D. A failure to do so could lead to the company being liable if the credit card was not in the possession of the proper party at the time of the purchase. Caution was warranted, yet more than once, I was presented not with a driver’s license or State I.D. card, but with a wallet full of other credit cards or club membership documents. Regretfully, I had to inform the customers that these were not sufficient to establish their identity and, on occasion, had to refuse to run the card.

Like my customers, we as Christians often mark our lives with the words “See I.D.”, yet are unprepared to validate our claims. We affix fish to our vehicles, wear crosses around our necks, attend Sunday School and Church regularly, and even participate in evangelistic crusades, but fail to support our identity as Christians by the manner in which we live our lives.

According to Scripture, it isn’t the clothes we wear or the places we frequent, but our love for one another that validates our claim that we belong to Him. Those around us know who we are by the manner in which we relate to our family, friends, co-workers, and fellow students. Our loving attitudes towards all of those we meet, saved or unsaved, serve as our identification with the Master.

Challenge: Is your I.D. valid? Do those around you know Who you serve? If not, commit to loving others in such a way that there can be no mistaking that you belong to Christ.


One thought on “Please See I.D.

  1. Butch Dias says:

    Great Article,
    My favorite quote is”If you got arrested for being a Christian would they find any proof?”

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