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Whatever: A 90 Day Devotional for Livin’ the True, Noble, and Totally Excellent Life!

“Whatever.”  It’s a word that society uses to convey an attitude of indifference, but which is skillfully repurposed in Allia Zobel Nolan’s new book.  Utilizing the text of Philippians 4:8, Allia successfully challenges tween girls to subject everything in their lives to the “whatever” test: Is it true?  Is it noble?  Is it right or pure?  Is it lovely or admirable?  If not, it’s safer to stay away.

Covering a wide range of topics including friends, gossip, the internet, service, fashion, bullying, and more – Allia encourages girls to think before they act.  After all if, “sin begins first in the mind, with a thought,” it should come as no surprise that if we change our thoughts, we also change our lives.

Throughout the volume, Allia provides not only sound Biblical principles for living, but also some excellent exercises to help young girls put these principles into action.  From keeping a “worry journal” to help demonstrate the reality that most of what we worry about never actually happens to taking the time to let your parents know that you appreciate them, activities provide tweens with practical ways to live out their faith.

Allia recognizes that becoming a “whatever girl” doesn’t happen overnight.  It requires focus, dedication, and a bit of encouragement – and her book provides all of these in abundance!

“Whatever: A 90-Day Devotional for Livin’ the True, Noble, and Totally Excellent Life!” © 2012 by Allia Zobel Nolan was released under the Zonderkidz™ imprint is available in ePub for $5.99 and softcover for $6.99 at