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The Jesus Film Project

Few experiences have the ability to impact us as deeply as hearing the message that God loves us.  And fewer still than hearing that message in a language we can understand.  That’s why, since 1979, the creators of The Jesus Film Project have made it their priority to relay that message through the visual arts.  To date, over 200 million people have committed their lives to Christ after seeing this gripping account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection… and you can play a part in bringing the same message to millions more!

Visit the Project website to view The Jesus Film or The Jesus Film for Children, sign up to listen to podcasts of the film, or watch a documentary on the Making of Film Translations.  Then, read the stories of those impacted by the Jesus Film Project and commit to pray for those involved both with the creation and distribution of the film and the hearts of those who will view it.

Want to be more involved?  Why not join The Next Revolution and help fund the smartphone app which will make the Jesus Film available to even more people around the world?  Not your speed?  Consider donating to a special project and provide equipment, support a film team, fund a translation of the Film, or help plant a church!  Check out internships and other job opportunities at the Get Involved link and don’t discount some great opportunities to volunteer, either!

Whatever you do, make a commitment to make a change – and help one more soul understand the message that God loves them!