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American Bible Society

The life-changing power of God’s Word is enormous.  Yet throughout the world today, many still do not have access to a copy of the Scriptures.  Even when the Bible has been translated into a given language, it is not always accessible to those who speak that language.  Government restrictions and impoverished conditions often limit the ability of men and women to purchase a copy of their own.

For over 200 years, the American Bible Society has been working to change this by providing copies of Scripture to those with the greatest need.  And you can play a part!  Visit Ways to Give for your opportunity to influence the life of a child with Food and a Bible, impact the life of a soldier, or provide hope to an orphan.  Check out their catalog for more ways to get involved by sending Bibles wherever they are needed!

But don’t stop there!  The American Bible Society also recognizes that just having a copy of the Scriptures isn’t enough – you have to read it in order for it to be effective.   And with a book this size, deciding where to start can be difficult.  That’s why they have provided a number of free, online Bible Resources to help those new to the Scriptures gain a better understanding of the concepts contained within them and their applicability to their lives.  Through their Journeys tool, you can create your own study program based upon your own schedule and struggles.  Or try out their Daily Bible Reading and read through the Scriptures as they are delivered daily to your inbox!  Looking for something specific in God’s Word?  Try Bible Search – you can even examine a passage in multiple translations!

There’s much more to see, so take the time to browse the site.  Then, make a commitment to make a difference by placing the Bible in the hands of others and taking the time to make use of it, yourself!


5 thoughts on “American Bible Society

  1. I support the Gideons, they leave Bibles in all the hospitals, hotels, etc, and live only with donations as well. Thank you for this post, Anna. People need to support the supporters!

    • I, too, am a fan of the Gideon’s! I featured them under the “Missions Monday” tag a couple of months ago, shortly after their annual presentation at my church.

  2. Hi Anna,
    One of the things that I do is used one of my blogs as an inspirational blog where I go in detail through a biblical story from the Bible over the promises that God gives us. The blog was my first blog ever and is on Typepad. There are so many ways that we can pass on the word of God. Another way is my memorizing it and holding it in your heart. You never know when you will come into conversation with someone that might need a verse of scripture that you have memorized. When you give it to them and they asked where did you get it from, you can tell them the exact place and they usually go back and read it.

    Very nice article and thanks for the many ideas.

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