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One Verse

Over 7,000 languages are spoken in the world today, but of these, fewer than 500 have complete copies of the Bible available to them.  Over 2,000 do not have a single verse.  This leaves nearly 340,000,000 people worldwide who live daily without the knowledge that God loves them and has made a way for them to be reconciled to Him.  Sadly, 7,000 of these people die each day.

One Verse, a project of The Seed Company, is working to change this through Accelerated Bible Translation… but they need your help!  Visit their website to find more about individual Language Projects and to join as a prayer partner or to help in spreading the news about the impact that God’s Word is having upon those who have received the gift of a Bible translation.  Download the Sacrificial Giving App or track your Sacrifice online and join with others in giving up perks and conveniences like coffee, French fries, or movie tickets for the sake of ending Bible Poverty and ensuring that every language receives the Word of God.  Visit the Resources page and view a video, print a poster, or download a widget for your website.  Want to make your support known?  Why not purchase a One Verse T-Shirt or Bandana to help fund Bible translation while at the same time sharing the need with others?  However you choose to get involved, you’ll be making a difference for those who live each day waiting to hear the news that God loves them!