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Living Water International

Did you know that each year, more people die from contaminated drinking water than from hurricanes, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes combined?  That’s over 2.2 million deaths directly attributable to waterborne illness, poor sanitation, and inadequate hygiene.  Because health influences everything else we do in our daily routines, the lack of clean water leads to missed school days and lost economic opportunities as well – often in places already struggling with the deadly effects of poverty.  The presence of clean water can change the future of a community.

Since 1991, Living Water International has been bringing the Gospel to impoverished communities through the provision of clean, safe sources of water – meeting the practical needs of those whom Jesus came to save.  In each community, volunteers are trained to maintain and repair their own water sources and are provided with the education necessary to develop a healthy, sanitary lifestyle.  And you can play a part!

Take the time to visit Living Water’s website and get the facts about the World Water Crisis, then download a video to help you share those facts with others in your community.    Organize an H2O Project and play a role in raising both awareness of the crisis and the funds to help meet the need.  Volunteer to help organize a warehouse or prepare materials for a mission team.  Or get involved with a specific project in a needy country.  There are plenty of other ways to make a difference, so take the time to explore the site.  Then help to make a change!


4 thoughts on “Living Water International

    • I agree! One of the things that has been heavy upon my heart over the course of the previous few months is that many people remain inactive not because they don’t care, but because they don’t even know that there is a problem about which they should care! Raising awareness is the first step towards remedying the situation!

    • Thanks, Sandra! It’s an important issue and I’m fully convinced that more people would play a part in solving the problem if only they knew that there was one! Blessings!

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