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International Christian Concern

25 Jun

Over 200 million Christians around the world today are suffering for their faith.  Having lost jobs and families, endured brutal attacks and unfair convictions, these believers are showing us what it truly means to live for Christ in the midst of adversity.  Yet these believers are not alone.

As members of the body of Christ, we can make a difference in the lives of the persecuted.  And International Christian Concern is dedicated to providing the tools that will help us do just that!  Through their website, you can play a role in caring for orphaned children of martyred parents, help support the wives and families of imprisoned pastors, donate to the ministries of underground pastors,  or help to rebuild communities devastated by persecution.  Sign up for the newsletter and commit to pray for your brothers and sisters or check out the resources link for ways that you can play a part in raising awareness of their plight.  If you’re feeling really committed, you can even volunteer to play a more active role!  So get involved and make a difference in the body of Christ!

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