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When you think of the word “missionary”, you probably see images of dedicated, hard-working pastors and evangelists who spend their time bringing the Gospel to people who have never heard the message of God’s love.  What you probably don’t see, however, are the many people without whom such endeavors would be impossible.  That’s why, this week, we’re featuring the work of JAARS, the part of the Wycliffe family of partners that is responsible for ensuring that the missionaries and Bible translators in the field receive the equipment and support necessary to get the job done.

Formed in 1948 with the express purpose of providing aviation support for Wycliffe missionaries, today JAARS provides a wide range of support services including (but not limited to) IT technology, education, vehicle and facility maintenance, creation of recruitment and evangelism materials, and more!

Visit the JAARS website and you’ll find some great ways to be involved.  Commit to pray daily for missions support workers, volunteer to serve as an advocate by helping to cultivate a passion for missions in others, or help finance a special project providing Audio Scripture Players for native speakers who have yet to learn to read or a ferry boat to help missionaries travel more safely to and from their destinations.  There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, so take a look and make a difference!


4 thoughts on “JAARS

    • Thanks, Kimmy. JAARS is particularly close to my heart, since I’ve recently accepted a call to serve with them here in the U.S. It’s a great opportunity, especially for those of us who feel deeply committed to missions, but aren’t well suited to a traditional missionary role.

      • I think I’m going to have to take a further look into this. I have always dreamed of going on a mission trip to spread the word of how Christ has changed my life for the better. My only problem is that most of the work I can’t do because of my disabilities but this seems like something I can help from home. Would you mind if I reposted this on my blog? I would love to help you out in any way possible =)
        P.S. I am in Love with your blog!

      • This very well may be a good fit for you. I’m a part of the GSP (Global Service Program) and have committed to a two year term of service. (GSP allows for a six month to two year term of service.) I’ll be working out of the JAARS base in Waxhaw, NC where I’ll be serving as a writer/editor – keeping supporters here in the U. S. up to date on the progress and needs of our missionaries overseas.

        You may also want to take a look at Wycliffe Associates ( These are volunteers who assist the missionaries in a wide range of tasks. In fact, a Wycliffe Associate is currently serving as my placement officer. She walked me through the application and training process, has helped me with paperwork, and even played a role in helping me to raise my support!

        And yes, please feel free to repost anything you see here!


        A. C.

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