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Share the Son Ministries

14 May

This week, we’re highlighting a ministry that is very near and dear to my own heart.  During 2010 and the early part of 2011, I had the honor of working as Educational Assistant for Share the Son Ministries, helping Christians learn the cross-cultural techniques necessary to more effectively share their faith with their LDS friends and neighbors.  While I’ve moved on to other opportunities, I’d like to take the opportunity to share this excellent ministry with you.

Visit their website and you’ll find a multitude of resources designed to help you more clearly differentiate between orthodox Christian beliefs and those which are espoused by the LDS Church.  Their “Contrast Brings Clarity” handout compares the two in an easy-to-use, side-by-side manner while the “Rocks” displayed across the top of the page offer a more in depth look.  Want to do some research, yourself?  STS makes that possible, providing you with LDS Doctrine Study Tools direct from the source.  Each link is designed to help Christians gain both confidence and understanding, so the next time the missionaries come knocking at your door, you’ll be ready to give them an answer that demonstrates both gentleness and respect!

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