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The Gideons International

Just how much of an effect can the Bible have on individual lives?  Oft times, far more than we imagine!  Since 1899, The Gideons International has been faithfully providing copies of the Scriptures to those who might not otherwise have given God’s Word a second look.  Working in 190 countries around the world, this group of Christian businessmen has distributed more than 1.6 billion copies of the Bible in over 90 languages, influencing the lives of others who, like themselves, often spend as much time in an hotel room as they do at home.  Their Bibles and New Testaments have influenced those in schools, convalescent homes, and prisons; and, with your help, will continue to do so far into the future.

Like most Christian ministries, the work of The Gideons would be impossible if not for the support of ordinary Church members like yourself.  So this week, we encourage you to get involved with bringing God’s Word to people around the world.  Even a few dollars can make a difference between a life with God (and His Word) and a life without Him.  Don’t have any spare cash laying around?  Then commit to pray, both for the men who distribute these Scriptures and for the hearts of those who receive them.  You can make a difference!


One thought on “The Gideons International

  1. The Gideons have done a great work around the world. I like to donate to them instead of buying flowers for a funeral. Flowers are great, and I realize the florists need sales to stay in business, but I would much rather give a lasting, eternal remembrance for a friend rather than flowers which die within a few days. They are certainly a worthy organization. Thank you for the reminder.

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