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Lighting the Fire – Ideas for Tract Distribution

If you’ve been following our blog for the last couple of weeks, you’ve heard the testimonies contained in “An Introduction to Gospel Tracts” and reviewed “Tracting Philosophy”. Now, it’s time to get started! What follows is a brief list of ideas for both the courageous and less than courageous souls who would like to give tract distribution a try!

– Put them in envelopes when you pay your bills. You don’t know who will open your payment and this may be just what they need to peak their curiosity. (Be careful, some companies don’t like you stuffing non-business related items into their return envelopes. If you violate such a request just so you can share the Gospel, you’re probably going to end up sending the wrong message!)

– Put them in envelopes with your charitable contributions. If you donate to Christian organizations, attach a brightly colored post-it note to each tract, instructing the person who opens the envelope to pass the tract to someone else. This serves two purposes:

First, some people have spent their entire lives in Christian churches and have never come to an understanding of Salvation by Grace alone through faith alone. Your message might be just what they need to bring them the last step of the way.

Second, it encourages other Christians to consider sharing their faith with the people around them. Many of the problems in the world today could be solved (or at least minimized) if more people served Christ as their Savior!

– Leave one in the doctor’s office or hospital waiting room the next time you visit. People often read things in medical establishments that they wouldn’t read otherwise.

– Leave one with your tip in a restaurant. Some gospel tract companies actually manufacture “tip” cards, a nifty way to thank your server for their efforts and share Jesus at the same time.

– Leave one in the drawer of your hotel room, on the covers of your hotel bed, in the glove box of a rental car, or in the front cover of your library book. These are sure to reach the people who service these items before their next use.

– Leave them on the break room table where you work. I can’t count the number of times that I left something on the table and came in later to find one of my fellow employees reading it! Take advantage of human curiosity!

– Hand them through the window at fast food establishments or pass them to a cashier along with your payment.

– Try targeting your tracting endeavors. My sister and I purchased a boatload of “Lord of the Rings” gospel tracts and shared them while we stood in lines for the movies and the midnight DVD releases. We didn’t pass them out to everyone, but gave them as parting gifts to people we’d met who shared our insanity. We even met a few folks who decided to be our “friends” just to get a freebie!

– Slip one under the wiper blade of the vehicle parked next to yours. (Hint: check out the bumper stickers first. These often tell you a lot about the driver’s interests and state of mind and will help you better target the message.)

– Try passing them out at local gatherings, fairs, or popular events. The atmosphere is often just right and people are frequently willing to accept literature that they would pass up on other occasions.

– Many tract companies manufacture “kits” for various events. These usually come with plastic door-hangar bags, tracts, and an assortment of other appropriate goodies. These are useful if you’d like to canvass your neighborhood before an election (Jesus really deserves their vote!) or an upcoming holiday. These are usually best for group activities.

The more you share, the more courage you’ll build and you’ll probably come up with some excellent distribution methods all on your own. Keep in mind that just because you have two hundred gospel tracts doesn’t mean that you have to pass them all out immediately. Use your discretion about when and where to distribute – the goal is to create an interest in Jesus, not a fear of His followers! Ensure that your actions are legal before proceeding with any of the suggestions above. Recognize that techniques that work well for some believers might not work as well for others. And don’t forget to pray!

If you come across a method that works particularly well for you, take the time to share the details in our “comments” box below!


11 thoughts on “Lighting the Fire – Ideas for Tract Distribution

  1. Hi Anna,
    These are very good ideas and I can say that some of them work, although it may take time for people who pick them up to get around to reading them. However, if a person is going through a hard time, they usually go back and read the tract that they picked up.
    Thank you.

    • Indeed! Just the other day, I heard the story of a gentleman who has accepted a tract and, in his basic disinterest, has stuffed it into the drawer of his desk. About five years later, he found himself struggling, remembered the tract and dug it out. The result was that he committed his life to the Lord!

      I think that this is one of the most difficult aspects of evangelism: those who plant and cultivate the seed are rarely the ones who do the harvesting. It can be frustrating to put so much effort into an act of obedience when the results are so frequently hidden from our eyes! At the same time, I believe that the “team effort” we put forward in sharing the Gospel is vital to preventing any one of us from becoming too enamored of our own abilities! We must learn not to judge the value of our efforts by outward appearances, but rather by our own faithfulness to live in accordance with God’s call!

  2. Butch Dias says:

    Have specialty tracts made for events in your area. We did this when the Superbowl was in Miami. We were dressed in football attire. We gave out thousands of them as free memorial Superbowl gifts. People loved them and read them and heard the gospel.They actually kept them as reminders of the game.

    • Next week, in part IV of the series, I’ll be discussing some places where you can purchase pre-made “targeted” Gospel tracts, however, one of the neat advantages of creating your own tracts is that no one knows your local audience quite the way that you do! Every “village”, even within the same country, state, county, or municipality, has its own flavor. Each event has its own nuances. I’ll admit that I don’t have a great deal of experience with the actual creation of Gospel tracts, but knowing from some of our previous dialogue that you do, would you be willing to share some basic hints, tips, and guidelines with our other readers?

  3. The following was e-mailed to me by James Herzel:

    My wife and I have been giving out tracts on a busy commercial street in Queens, NY, for 4 hours every Saturday for 25 years, all throughout the year, rain or shine. Most of the time we are joined with help from other churches. We carry tracts in 40 languages, with about 30 titles in English and 15 in Spanish. Other major languages in this area, which is about a mile from our home, are Polish, Chinese, Nepali, Tibetan, and Arabic. On a typical day we’ll give out over 1000, and will have several conversations about the Bible or Jesus. I keep a diary of these outings, with contact info, and have met people from over 100 countries. Sometimes these contacts come to church with us – over 50 from Nepal alone.
    Here are some examples of recent street corner dialogues: 1. A North Vietnamese couple from Hanoi, who just arrived here. They’ve never been to any church, but he had some good questions, and is interested in coming to church with me. 2. An elderly Tibetan man, who speaks little English, but read aloud the Tibetan tract I gave him, and may be coming with me to church. 3. A Nepali boy who asked me for a NT. He is reading it. 4. Two Moroccan Muslims who hear the Gospel from me almost every Saturday. 5. A Pakistani Muslim who wants me to sit down with him for a discussion. 6. A very intelligent Polish man in his mid-20’s who’s smoking weed and shacking up. He thanked me repeatedly for our lengthy conversation, which involved lookup of many Bible passages.
    To find good tracts for teens, go to http://www.fellowshiptractleague.org/ and the tract section in English. You’ll find about 8 graphics/comic style tracts for teens, all free, including postage. Some of those are available in other languages also.

  4. Butch Dias says:

    Awesome testimony on tracts. they are the silent evangelist. When you share one you don’t know the countless people who read it. I also use Fellowship Tract League. Give them Heaven!

  5. I have written 7 gospel tracts and hav used them in some of the ways mentioned. One cute way I have used it is at the banks, by saying “I have written this please read it and next time tell mewhat you think”. (2) I have put 3 tracts around my mail box so all the many folk who come on my patio to leave flyers can read it and this is sooooooo neat. Last week the JW’S came and after reading them said, “I see that youare a christian!”. This spark good witness.
    May we pray for each other as we keep sowing the word that in time and eternity good crop will spring forth. Amen

  6. Butch Dias says:

    Awesome Carmen, Personal tracts work great. I’m proud of you. I use them all the time. they may argue about the Bible, so I will share, “would you read something that I wrote from my heart about what God did for me.” People can’t say no.

    • Sometimes it’s how we present the material, not the material, itself, which makes the difference! I love the idea of personalizing the context – “something that I wrote from my heart about what God did for me!”

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