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Jews for Jesus

Beginning with the first Council of Nicea  (in which it was determined that the celebration of Easter should not fall in conjunction with Passover lest the Jews claim that the Christian owed them their faith) and continuing into modern times, Jews and Christians alike have labored to separate their faiths from one another as much as possible.  But is this really what God intended?  Can a true Jew also be a Christian?  Does a Gentile Believer have something to gain from an understanding of Jewish faith and tradition?

Last week, I had an excellent opportunity to listen to a speaker from Jews for Jesus present “Christ in the Passover”.  (Click the link to view the presentation for yourself.)  The lecture focused on the symbolism contained within the Passover meal and how that imagery points to Christ.  Indeed, from the first verse of the Old Testament to the last, we see a beautiful picture of God’s love for mankind – salvation offered by faith alone through grace alone.

Convincing ourselves of this connection between Old Testament Judaism and New Testament Christianity is one thing, but convincing our Jewish friends is often quite a different ball game!  Fortunately, Jews for Jesus has created a number of resources to help us share the message that true “Jewishness” is found only through faith in Christ.  From specific Old Testament prophesy and answers to typical Jewish questions concerning Jesus to detailed witnessing tips, you’ll find their website jam-packed with everything you need to begin effectively sharing the message of Salvation with your Jewish friends and neighbors.  And, if you happen be a Jewish Believer, the site contains a whole section just for you that can be accessed via their home page!

Looking for more ways to be involved?  Check out their Welcome Page for information on programs, literature, seminars, financial giving, and more!  Take a look!  Play a part!  Help bring the good news of the Gospel to God’s Chosen People!


One thought on “Jews for Jesus

  1. Butch Dias says:

    I have worked on the streets with Jews for Jesus and have learned a lot from them. I witnessed to a Jewish salesman at work for ages. He would always argue every point. But one day he was hurting emotionally. He needed someone who would listen. i listened and then I asked if he would let me pray. When I prayed he said he know knew who his Messiah was. I asked him who it was and he said Jesus. I was amazed. All I did was pray and God spoke to his heart. Jesus revealed himself to him when he was a little boy. He kept it in because of what he was taught all these years.

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